Family Constellations Workshop 

with Paul Collins and Julie Ulbricht

An opportunity to explore an issue that is having an impact in your life, whether it is in the area of health, career or relationships. With the help of representatives from the group, we can begin to see more clearly the patterns we repeat and the influence of our family system and, in doing so, we are able to take a step towards freedom.

 Saturday March 3rd   –    Westmeston Village Hall

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Amnanda Training

Bringing clarity, harmony and joy

The Amnanda training takes place over the course of a year, with one day a month of shared exploration in a small group as well as receiving this lovely treatment yourself.

Amnanda training in London

Begins March 2018 – West London – Saturdays

2 Places available

Amnanda training in  Sussex

Begins April 2018   – Thursdays

Places available

Please email for an information pack and booking form.


I am happy to run Amnanda trainings elsewhere if there is demand.

Groups have a maximum of six participants and can take place in someone’s home. Please get in touch to discuss.