Healing trauma with touch and connection Exploratory group

I believe that we human beings are in the process of an incredible evolution right now. We have no idea what our limits are or what they will be in the future.

Many of us are learning to tune in to our inner knowing to guide us through this transition and potentially turbulent times ahead. But we also need each other; because in each other we find mirrors to reflect and confirm that we are not crazy; that yes we are changing and evolving and yes the old paradigms are no longer fit for purpose.

In the context of the breaking down of our institutions and this turning inside to our own deepest knowing; what and how we teach, what we believe about trauma, and the modalities that we use for healing also need to be re-examined.

I am offering an exploratory group to embark on a journey together: witnessing and being witnessed, giving and receiving touch and above all, tuning in to our deepest knowing.

I will be drawing from my training and experience as an Amnanda Practitioner and Teacher, a Family Constellations Practitioner and Havening Touch Practitioner. Although I will be holding the group, I will not be teaching a structured course. I believe we are each teachers for one another, each bringing our own unique contribution, each opening to a movement of healing, each able to witness aspects of one another.

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