Family Constellations Workshops in Sussex & London

facilitated by Julie Ulbricht and Martin Jaquess

We are delighted that we are now able to offer Family Constellations workshops together. They are the fruit of our individual journeys over many years. As a couple we are able to offer a deep holding space for whatever is calling to be witnessed in the group.

In the process of Family Constellations we choose participants from the group to represent members of our family or aspects of ourselves. The representatives’ experience provides information about blocks, entanglements and omissions in our family system. Secrets that have been buried in the family, people who have been excluded: all have their influence on subsequent generations and, as we begin to see what has been hidden or forgotten, so the process of healing can begin.

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Saturday 18th November

All Saints Church, Patcham

Brighton N1 8YE

10am – 5pm

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Sunday 21st January

Westmeston Parish Hall
Lewes Road, Westmeston BN6 8RL

10am – 5pm

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Sunday 10th February

Colet House

London W14 9DA

10am – 5pm

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