‘Being With’ Treatments

As a consequence of trauma, the fight-flight-freeze response can get stuck in the body leading to the presence of chronic tensions. Talking therapies may not have much impact on these chronic tensions which can restrict our movement, breathing and capacity for self-expression.

During Being With Treatments, I accompany you as you gradually release unnecessary tensions and drop deeper into your essence. The treatments are fully-clothed and involve a very minimal light touch (similar to cranio-sacral work). Sometimes I will not even touch, but just simply sit in your energy field. Paradoxically, this non-intrusive method allows deeper relaxation as there is literally nothing to resist.

Inspired by the work of Mike Boxhall (http://www.stillness.co.uk/), Being With treatments stimulate the natural intelligence and self-healing capacity of the body as unnecessary tensions are released, encouraging deeper relaxation and a recalibration of the nervous system.

“Julie’s ‘Being With’ treatment felt safe, soft, non-intrusive and powerful at the same time. I was so grateful for that space she was holding without trying to fix anything. Her presence enabled me to deeply feel where I was at, and deeply relax into my body and my experience of life at that moment. I would have loved the session to last all day!” Emma, Nantes, France

Being With treatments last one hour, finishing with a short rest to integrate the healing and followed by feedback on the treatment, where I may give further recommendations.

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