Systemic Healing

Systemic healing is a form of 1:1 trauma work which can be done face to face or online. It incorporates a systemic perspective with the power to rewire the brain through healing touch.

As I guide you to gently stroke your hands, arms and face; hormones and neurotransmitters such as serotonin and oxytocin are released in the brain, along with the delta waves that we experience in deep sleep. Together these help to down-regulate and re-wire your nervous system.

By tuning into the body we access our innate intelligence and capacity for self-healing. Your body intuitively knows what you are ready to release – what beliefs about yourself are limiting you, what wounds you are ready to heal and we go at your own pace.

When working online, I model and mirror the touch and hold space to witness your healing journey as it unfolds. The issue you have brought can be explored and released giving you the freedom to live your life more fully.

The grief you feel may not be yours alone: it may belong to a parent or ancestor

When working in person, the work can either be done seated – when there is more focus on the conscious process, such as re-evaluating thoughts and beliefs. Or sometimes it can be more helpful to lie down and tune into the sensations in the body. I may sit quietly by you and place a hand gently to support this tuning in process: Your body does the work and sometimes we just need to create the conditions for that to happen: An empathetic witness and a safe space allows whatever needs to be processed and released to unfold at its own pace.

I also bring a systemic perspective: the grief you feel may not be yours alone: it may belong to a parent or ancestor; the difficulty letting go of a belief or addiction may reveal an unconscious contract which connects you to a family member. The family is a system and so, when one individual has an issue with their physical or mental health, it is helpful to expand the perspective and allow for the likelihood that in some way the issue relates not just to the individual, but also to the wider family system. Hence, for example, we see alcoholism running in families; although this has never been proved to be genetic.

In the first session I will give you an overview of how this method works, we will look at what you want to focus on and how that can be best achieved. At the end of the session I can make simple suggestions for how you can incorporate a few minutes a day of this healing touch into your daily routine. It is a way of gently and gradually rewiring your brain.


“Having made very slow progress over the years through talking therapy, and training within that domain (not to mention the cumulative cost of it all), I was surprised at the potency of just one session with Julie.  I had a very intense experience, releasing deeply held strong emotions, handled calmly by Julie who held the space as I rode it out and brought me back to a relaxed state.  I felt immediately lighter and hopeful about finding a new way forward, a stark contrast from the stuck and despairing place I have been in for such a long time.  Thank you Julie.”  Jen, France (online)

“Desperation and hopelessness drove me to seek Julie’s help in my life long battle with food addiction.  After my first session I felt a hopeful shift but I didn’t dare trust it.  I’d done years of talk therapy and understood my addiction but still could never change my behaviour. Over the next several sessions and the practices I did in between I have literally felt myself healing from the inside out.  It’s a different healing.  It’s not in my head, it’s an invisible healing in my body or in my psyche.  Its hard to explain in words but I finally know I’m on the right path and with the right partner to guide me along.  Thank you Julie!”  Paula, Surrey (online)

“After one session I felt so light and happy, as if I was in love, I couldn’t stop smiling. That’s why I booked two more and one of my biggest fears, speaking in front of people is no problem anymore.
I did EMDR before, many sessions but something didn’t feel quite right, that’s why I brought a lot of scepticism but I had lovely sessions with Julie, with unbelievable results.”  Lisa, London (online)

I have worked with Julie over several of her healing modalities and find her an extremely warm, skilled and intuitive practitioner. Her Systemic Healing method is surprisingly simple and yet so powerful. I found my system calmed and nourished by the session, and best of all it’s given me an ongoing tool to use when I want to soothe and ground my system. I highly recommend working with Julie.”  Piers, Sussex

“Working with Julie is an immense pleasure, and is extremely enlightening – I actively look forward to my sessions – and I have enjoyed some profound results in terms of my own self awareness/behaviour, how I interact with others, and how the ‘jigsaw pieces’ fit together around key relationships.  I have no hesitation in recommending Julie:  she is very intuitive and works with compassion and empathy.”  Allie, Sussex

“Thank you Julie for a very powerful Systemic Healing session where I could finally come  back into my body and my whole self again. It was as if something finally let go. I loved your calm and sincere attendance to me and my needs, moment to moment.”  Gunilla, Sweden (online)


Initial session 75-90 minutes 

Follow up sessions  60-75 minutes

Payment is by donation – more info


Julie Ulbricht is trained as a Family Constellations Facilitator with Barbara Morgan  and combines this approach with a number of touch therapies and over a decade of experience more info