Ayurvedic Treatments

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ayurvedic marma massageAyurvedic Massage

Using warm oil, vital energy points (marmas) and chakras are stimulated to provide a deeply relaxing and energising massage.

Ayurvedic massage nourishes and strengthens, stimulating the immune system and invigorating the body. It regulates the nervous system, relaxing body and mind to promote sound sleep. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and improves the texture and condition of the skin.” H. Johari 1996

Full body (1 hour 15 mins)


Pindaswed improves circulation and loosens toxins; reduces water retention, swelling and excess fat tissue; stimulates lymphatic drainage; and relieves muscle and joint pain. This specialised massage involves the therapeutic application of heat by a bolus filled with warm herbs, which is massaged either over the whole body and/or around particular joints or areas of pain. The gentle penetration of warmth into the body also makes this treatment a very relaxing and soothing experience.
Full body (1 hour 30 mins).  Please note there is a one-off charge of £15 to prepare the Pindaswed boluses (these can usually be used for 3 months).

‘Being With’

This gentle treatment is done fully clothed. Because it is non-invasive it encourages a deeper relaxation and recalibration of the nervous system. I sit with you and accompany you as you gradually release unnecessary tension and the self-healing intelligence of the body is catalysed. The treatment includes a short rest and a period of feedback to integrate the experience. For more information see Being With

(1 hour 15 mins)


Spinal treatment

This treatment, which is based on the Dorn Breuss method, focuses on realignment of the spine. It is very gentle, yet deeply relaxing. One treatment can bring immediate relief; a series of treatments may be needed for lasting results.

(1 hour)

 Heart Dhara

This treatment involves the pouring of warm medicated oils and decoction over the heart area, producing deep relaxation. Heart dhara can help to relieve anxiety and fear and produce a calm, grounded feeling. It is also a supportive treatment for high blood pressure, and various heart conditions.

(1 hour)

Marma head and face massage

This massage helps to relieve tension and has a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system, as stimulation of the marmas (vital energy points) in the head affects the hypothalamus and pituatary glands which are responsible for balancing hormones and maintaining homeostasis in the body.

(1 hour)

DurationMinimum donation
60 minute appointment     £50
90 minute appointment
Chelsea, London
Treatments (per hour): £70
75 minute appointment (e.g Ayurvedic massage): £85
90 minute appointments: £95
Ditchling, Sussex
Treatments (per hour): £50
75 minute appointment (e.g Ayurvedic massage): £65
90 minute appointments: £70

Concessionary appointments are available at certain times. Please contact Julie for details.

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