Family Constellations

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.

Be still, they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands.”    – Linda Hogan

We are all born into a story and often we live out our stories without ever fully understanding them. The people who make our stories, who have shaped our lives, are standing right behind us: our parents; behind them stand their parents and so on back through the generations; there is an unbroken chain of connection. 

Through this ancestral chain we receive: what was given and what was not given, what was passed on, for better or for worse: the influences that have shaped our lives. Acknowledging this, we can begin to find our place and make sense of our lives.

Family Constellations is a way of making explicit the role our ancestors play in our lives and helping to resolve the trauma which has been passed down the generations. In the process of a Constellation we ask others to represent members of our family. Setting these representatives out physically in a room, we begin to map out the relationships between family members. This process continues as the representatives’ experience begins to provide more information about blocks, entanglements and omissions in our family system. Secrets that have been buried in the family, people who have been excluded: all have their influence on subsequent generations and, as we begin to see what has been hidden or forgotten, so the process of healing can begin.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

We may notice the presence of trauma in our family history: early deaths of parents or siblings, separations, violence and abuse, the influence of war. Or we may notice the symptoms of trauma: addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic ill health, mental illness. Seeing the influences that shaped our parents may help us to accept their shortcomings with more compassion. We are all connected, and when we can fully accept our parents as they are, then we can truly accept ourselves and walk our path with joy.

“For me there is no healing of the individual without the healing of society: The two are inseparable. This means that, as we heal ourselves, the impact of that ripples out and influences every person whose life we touch.

Family Constellations is often done in groups, but it can also be done as a one-to-one session either in person or online. A 90 minute individual session can bring awareness to complex issues and family dynamics that may be inter-generational.  I also offer one to one Nature Constellations as a way of accessing your own inner guidance.

Here is a beautiful interview with Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations: Peace begins in the soul

For those who are not sure if it is a Constellation that is needed, but are looking for some way to access the unconscious dynamics which can run our lives, I offer a form of 1:1 trauma work which integrates this systemic perspective with the power of healing touch:

Systemic healing is ….read more

Testimonials from a 1:1 session

“I found yesterday’s session absolutely amazing, so wonderfully lead by you, it couldn’t be anything else but magical.
I am so glad that I now know what Family Constellations is. The techniques are more complex that I can possibly comprehend.”
Anna, Sussex

“Julie, thank you for my first Family Constellation session with you a couple of weeks ago. Even at the time I was aware of a shift occurring that had not managed to shift successfully in any other way previously. The session was revealing and the changes in my perception began immediately. And in the days and weeks since, other revelations have come to me, and I feel real and useful change is continuing to happen. Not deliberately or forced. Just very naturally, step by step… I’m not sure where it’s taking me, but I have no concerns about that. My relationship has changed for the better with my Dad, and I feel I am now much freer to simply pursue my own desires and paths, with no subtext or hidden agendas, or need for approval from anyone other than myself. The doubts and uncertainty that have plagued me in my pursuits for decades seem to be gone, and I am now free to pursue whatever I wish, to my heart’s content.”   Liz, Sussex

Testimonials from workshops

“I was sceptical before coming and thought there is no chance it’s going to be as good as the Netflix drama (‘Another Self’)……. but it was even better!”  Natasha, London

“Julie created a safe group space in which to truly be, connect, relax and regenerate and she has the knowledge, insight, strength and intuition to guide safely through whatever the space becomes.”  Claire, Surrey

“I want to start by saying that in the years of counselling I have done to get to the root of my self-abandonment, self-sabotage, disconnection from my body (which brought on Fibromyalgia) and never feeling good enough, last Saturday was a real, true breakthrough for me.
I felt different almost immediately. I left with hope that I have not had since a teen.
I felt a love, and respect for my body. I have been looking after myself and nourishing myself in a new way.”   

‘’The constellation work I had with Julie Ulbricht astonished me in its accuracy. It took me exactly to the ‘’pocket’’ of childhood trauma that I needed to revisit in order to burst it open and break free from. Julie’s expertise, combined with her gentle manner and deep intuition, creates the ideal environment for deep healing. The process with all its dynamics seems to be driven by an element of magic.’’  Dana, Hertford

“Relaxed, safe, deep and nourishing work. It brought me to a place of stillness and peace – a resting internally that is quite often elusive for me. My sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Julie and Martin.”  Sam, Sussex

Testimonials from online workshops

“I’m grateful for your amazing intuition, deep understanding of trauma and ability to create a safe space.” Viviana (online)
“Great workshops to explore what is holding us back in life, and release ancestral trauma and energy. Julie is an amazing and loving facilitator.”  Daniele (online)
“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you for the Constellations session on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the online experience, but it was as profound as the in person workshops I’ve attended. I’m so glad I took the chance to experience it. I am sitting with the shifts that are happening for me since and I know that it was a valuable step in my own journey.”  Allison (online)
“Thank you for facilitating this amazing experience, Julie. I’m sure it will take time to process it all but I immediately feel lighter somehow, as if a heavy burden has begun lifting.”  Miranda (online)

Constellation work is now available by donation

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