Being With

accepting ourselves as we are, transforming our inheritance

Sometimes we just can’t do it alone. Sometimes we need someone to be with us as a witness, bringing a fresh perspective to old patterns and providing support with making changes….

According to Ayurveda we should “first address the cause.” So if a job or relationship issue is the root cause of ill health then it is useful to explore whether something can shift – either externally (by e.g changing job) or internally (by changing our attitude). That is why I offer a range of tools to work within the framework of Ayurveda to address the root causes of any problems.

Often when things are not working well in our lives, what can help most is to see clearly what is going on and why. One of the ways of doing this is by working with Family Constellations  to see more clearly the underlying dynamics that can run our lives. Once we begin to see more clearly, then change is possible. 

To work with negative emotions, addictions etc. I offer Feeding Your Demons sessions.  Feeding Your Demons is a Tibetan Buddhist psycho-therapeutic process, where you turn towards the thing you wish would go away and instead open a dialogue with it. Feeding the ‘demon’ transforms the negative energy and the process leaves you with a feeling of inner peace as the ‘demon’ has been accepted and reintegrated back into your psyche. With practice you can learn to do the process on your own, however the presence and support of a witness is always helpful in facing deeper issues.

As a consequence of trauma, the fight-flight-freeze response can get stuck in the body leading to chronic tensions. I offer Being With Treatments  to encourage deeper relaxation and a recalibration of the nervous system. These gentle treatments stimulate the natural intelligence and self-healing capacity of the body, as unnecessary tensions are released.