Couple Counselling

We are delighted that we are now able to offer Couple Counselling together. The background to this is our individual trainings and experience over many years; but back in 2020 we also took a three month deep dive together to learn about intimate relationships and the communication skills needed to make them thrive. As a couple we are able to offer a deep holding space for you and your partner to explore, develop and enrich your couple relationship.

Please note that we are not psychotherapists. Our approach is based on our understanding of communication dynamics, conflict resolution, deep listening and working with trauma.

Julie’s trainings include Nonviolent Communication, Family Constellations and Couple Counselling plus many modalities and years of experience working with personal and ancestral trauma.

Martin’s trainings include Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Enquiry and Family Constellations.

Joint training: Heart IQ 90 day challenge –  heart-centred communication, authentic relating and embodiment.


“Dear Julie, I want to let you know about an incredible development: The situation between my husband and I has really stabilised. We have decided to buy a house together! Of course there are still some difficulties and challenges, but overall I am really grateful for the sessions with you and Martin and especially the communications practice which you taught us and which I have also found really useful at work!” Michele (online)

“Myself and my wife have had several sessions with Julie and Martin, and have found them to be very professional, attentive and good listeners. They have given us good practical advice and exercises tailored to our specific needs/issues in our relationship, which so far have been very helpful. I would highly recommend them to any couple that needs help troubleshooting any difficulties or challenges that they may be currently facing. Thanks guys! Alex.”

We offer couple sessions in person and online.

Please get in touch for further information.