Amnanda Training

Bringing clarity, harmony and joy

The Amnanda training also takes place over the course of a year, with one day a month of shared exploration in a small group as well as receiving this lovely treatment yourself. You will learn to give the treatment and observe the impact it has on yourself and the other group members as trauma is released.

Working with Amnanda

The Amnanda therapy is a commitment from your client for a 12 month period. From the client’s point of view the commitment to a course of treatment over a year allows a deep relationship of trust to build up and you witness profound healing taking place as a result.

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When you give Amnanda, you are working with unconditional love and acting as a channel for Baba Ramdas; so the results of the treatment are far beyond what could be expected from other kinds of bodywork. The treatment is gentle and subtle, deeply relaxing and very enjoyable both to give and receive.


           “Praying, surrendering, being; the less I do, the more it comes.”


The training is suitable for practitioners of massage & alternative therapies, yoga teachers, psychotherapists, counsellors etc.


There is no additional charge for the training, so you only pay for the cost of the Amnanda treatment each month and any expenses (e.g room hire).

Amnanda Training is offered in the West Country, Sussex & London. See Events for details

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Testimonials from the Amnanda training

1.  “I had never felt so at home in myself.” “Deeper into peace.”

2.  “Sinking deep”  “Physically energised.”  “Joyful.”  “Amnanda supports me in grounding myself in that space of love.”  “Peace and a sense of support coming into my body.”  “I feel born again!”

3.  “Feeling much lighter.”  “Grounded, connected through the body, very relaxed and clear in my mind.”

4.  ”Amnanda has pulled out the weeds and thrown away the rubbish.”  “I am so much clearer in terms of my direction and who I am.”  “The adult part is getting stronger.”  “I can hold myself steady in the midst of change.”

5. “Big letting go.”  “Serenity.”  “Praying, surrendering, being; the less I do, the more it comes.”

6.  “A veil has lifted between me and my real self.”  “Releasing fear and shame.”   “I’m much more able to be with whatever is and to welcome feelings and emotions in other people with an open heart.”  “Amnanda supports me on the direction in which I’m going.”

7.   “This is what I need to do to help myself.”  “Grateful and happy.”  ”Big shift!”  “Life feels more spacious.”

8.  “There is much more clarity now. Like a veil is being lifted.”  ”I can be as happy as I want to be.”  “Empowered and connected.”

9. “Zest for life.”  “More alive.”  “Setting boundaries.”

10.  “I feel amazing: clear and open and I can feel!”  ” Physically I am coming alive.”

11. “How different I feel in my body now.”  “I can see so much more of my behaviours.”   “Now I get spurts of happiness”

12. “There’s so much more positivity in the way I approach life now: A complete shift in my thought process to see the positive side in everything.”  “I can disconnect from negative thoughts or negative behaviours really easily” “What other people think of me is none of my business.”


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