Feeding your demons

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What is a demon?

A demon is anything which is an obstacle in your life and which is draining your energy. It could be a physical issue (e.g backache / chronic health problem) or an emotional issue (anger, anxiety etc.) It can also be used to work with addictions and relationship issues.

Why would I want to feed a demon?

Feeding Your Demons is a transformative technique where you turn towards the thing you wish would go away and instead open a dialogue with it. Feeding the ‘demon’ transforms the negative energy and the process leaves you with a feeling of inner peace as the ‘demon’ has been accepted and reintegrated back into your psyche. Feeding Your Demons also brings a deepening connection to your higher self, which can begin to inform your life and guide you.

How does the process look?

A Feeding Your Demons session lasts an hour. You will be guided to visualise and dialogue with the ‘demon’. After the demon has been fed it will transform into an ally, connecting you to your higher self. At the end of the process you arrive at a peaceful meditative state.


The Feeding Your Demons process was created by Lama Tsultrim Allione based on the 11th century Tibetan Buddhist healing ritual of Chod.

Ways of working with the FYD process

As the visualisation is done with eyes closed it is much easier being guided initially – either through one to one sessions or by attending a workshop. Once you are familiar with the process you can do FYD alone and it can also be shared with friends & family.


After one session:

Feeding Your Demons made a huge difference.” Nathaniel, London

After two sessions:

I consulted Julie for an anxiety demon and it had an unexpected side effect: Since the FYD session I have slept 7 or 8 hours every single night! I had suffered from insomnia for 20 years and tried everything.” Dawn, Brighton

After three sessions:

Julie was very kind and understanding as she carefully guided me through the five steps.  I found the process to be calming and relaxing, almost like meditation, and my particular demons have been laid to rest; I no longer feel anxious.”  Janet, Ardingly, W. Sussex


To book a session email  julie@simpleayurveda.co.uk